My name is Nick Hamer, I'm a documentary filmmaker, director, cameraman and editor. My work has been screened by major broadcasters, international film festivals and independent cinemas. I established Intrepid in 2004 to produce high quality factual films. Working with a superb team of creatives and technicians I’ve directed successful shoots for high profile organisations all over the world.

I'm based in Leicester and available for hire throughout the UK and internationally.

My latest feature documentary, Outside the city (2019) played at many of the best independent cinemas in the UK. It's now available (distributed by Verve Pictures) on most premium VOD platforms: Amazon, Apple TV, Google Play, Curzon Home Cinema, Youtube Movies, and others.

Outside the city, the monks of Mount St Bernard Abbey, a community of 25 men, more than half of them over 80 years old, are opening the first Trappist brewery in the UK. For their historic, counter cultural lifestyle to survive, the venture must succeed.

As the monks reflect on spirituality, ageing and end of life, the number of burials in the Abbey graveyard grow.